Friday, May 3, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN!!! Wake up! Wake up!! I Wanna Be Sedated!!

In 1994, I was fortunate to land a Ramones' Brazilian Tour for Sepultura. Zyon was only a year and half old, but Max and I took him everywhere we went, and this was no exception! I am very happy we got this photo of Z with them...and I am sure he wishes he could remember chilling with them at the pool!!

We played several shows with them, but the most memorable was the show in Curitiba, at the bottom of a quarry! I wont ever forget it because of the scariest elevator ride in the world we all took to get to the bottom! Creaky and tiny, grating along the wall, and stopping at the bottom of a mined out quarry!! A giant hole with walls!! The Pedreira Leminsk holds 25,000 people, believe it or not!! It is surrounded by a wall of rock that is 30 meters high! It was first opened for concerts in 1990. Paul McCartney played there in 1993 and our show was Nov. 12, 1994.

I was going through a memorabilia album I had made Igor, from Dana's collection of bits and pieces when I come across a signed Ramones promo photo!!!! Super cool!! In fact, I am going to take this month and maybe the next to share some of the posters, photos and fliers from that album! Dana would be more than happy to share them with you!!

Class dismissed...Let's go watch Rock and Roll High School!!