Friday, May 10, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN!! Wake up! Wake up!! Let's go back in time to Nailbomb!

Recently, I found a scrapbook I made for my son, Igor, in 2001. I had stuffed it full of photos, laminates and fliers of Dana's collection of memorabilia. When I browsed through it, I was shocked at what a treasure trove Dana had! I am gonna make the next few blogs from this scrapbook. Share the photos and old school posters with our Tribe!

These rare promo photos of Max and Alex Newport were taken by Kevin Estrada in 1994. He really captured the essence of Max and Alex and their Nailbomb persona! Kevon took the guys to a club called The Sun Club. It was located in Tempe, Arizona and had been lit on fire by a sneaky arsonist! It certainly made a cool location! These photos are extremely rare and the whole set was in Dana's collection.

Enjoy and share!!

Class dismissed....