Friday, April 26, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN!! Wake up! Wake up! Let's Talk DEATH!

The '80's and '90's were the birthplace and growth chamber for many types of Metal...Hair Metal and Thrash were the main rivers bands took to. The Bootleggers was home to many baby bands, and where I started my education. After the city shut it down for no reason, I branched out, trying promoting and band management.

The Mason Jar was one of the Phoenix local hot spots for Metal. I saw Tool, Hanoi Rocks, and Sepultura there and scores more! I cant recall all the bands that flew through Franco's club! I also had the good luck to catch Death on the little stage! Some bands go on into the history books and some disappear. Death is here to stay!

It was a sad day when Chuck announced he was living with cancer. we all know that cancer research wasn't as advanced as it is now. I mean, it still is a flip-a-coin diagnosis! One day, as I was working, the phone rang and it was Chuck. He said he was trying an experimental treatment and was just calling to say hi. Yeah, I was surprised because I didn't really know him that well. If I recall correctly, he was in Tucson or headed there. He sounded strong and hopeful.

Recently, I was helping our son, Igor, pack some of his treasures and I came across a scrapbook I had made him in 2001. Full of fliers and laminates, passes and magazines, it also held a promo pack and letter from the label rep promoting Death! I thought I would share it with my Students here and they could all Scream Bloody Gore!!

Class dismissed......