Friday, March 29, 2019


We have travelled to Australia many times in the last 30 years. In fact, Australia is one of the biggest markets in the world for ALL THINGS MAX. Fans drench themselves in his music and turn out in droves for the live shows! It was the only place in the world that was treated to Killer Be Killed's bombastic set! Big Day Out hosted Soulfly with Kanye West and the Return to Roots' shows were a stampede! And let's not forget the current demand for the Maximum Cavalera package! While the fans have their desires, one dream we always had was completed this last tour! A visit to Bon Scott's grave!

The debut Beneath/Arise show was in Perth, the home of Bon Scott and early beginnings of ACDC. The first gig I ever did Perth was a riot, literally! The venue got destroyed completely during a Sepultura show and never reopened! The pit is much different these days, than it was in 1992, and most venues still exist after shows lol. On this trip, we were offered a visit to the cemetery after the show....a treat we accepted with haste! We pulled up to the darkened graveyard and found the gate unlocked. The walkway into the introduced us to its humble hometown boy.

I was surprised to see a simple bench with a plaque marking Bon's resting place. We were told there had been numerous headstones in the past but they were either stolen or ruined by years of dedicated fans. Now, one can sit above Bon and reflect on the Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!

And for that final encore, you can even check out the Wikipedia page for your enjoyment! It is smack dab on the archway you pass under as you exit the cemetery!!

Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra all lay in the path of our storm and conquering them was without mercy! Driving to the gig in Brisbane, Max was saying how nice it would be to see a kangaroo and by God...he turned his head and one stood outside his window, just chilling in the dark! Australia, where dreams come true!

Class dismissed.....