Friday, August 31, 2018


I think it was 1995. Christina and Dana and Max and myself went to a Helmet concert at The Grind, in Phoenix. I seem to remember this dude named Mouse drove us, but I cant really recall. It was a small white, older car. I was in back, behind the driver. Yeah we all partied and on the way home, I got in a conversation with Dana, about us all being Metalheads. Getting blamed for things we never did...people scared of us....getting judged...the whole ball of Metal all know what it's like! In the back seat on the way home, I started the rant "We are what we are!" I admit I said it more than once 😂. For some reason, at the same time as my Great Revelation, behind my left leg, what I thought was a tendon under my skin, began tightening and hurting.

When we got home, leg in pain but being ignored, I continued my in depth talk with Dana and Christina. We carried it on into our bedroom. All of a sudden Dana grabbed a Sharpie and said "Write it on the wall!" I shut up and blankly looked at him. WTF? "Yeah, Mom! Do it!" So, I did! And I signed it. And Dana and Christina did too. Max was somewhere else and missed out on the action, but put his mark on it the next day.

In the morning, my leg had a giant banana shaped, coal black something on the back of it. I decided enough ignoring this and I hit up the ER. It was a good thing, as I had developed a blood clot that could have killed me! Needless to say, I am still here!

A few years passed, Dana had left us and Primitive was being recorded. Sean Lennon was staying at our house. He dug the tale of the writing on the wall and asked if he could sign it too. Could I refuse him? Heck no!!

When Max was at the rehab, I did the best I could to redecorate and eliminate the familiar hiding places and stashes he had. I gutted the bedroom and had it painted. I about dropped to the ground from heart failure when I saw the painter had covered the hieroglyphics on the wall. I scrubbed the fresh paint off, like it was ebola! Our woodworks' decorator came over and made this alien frame so no one would fail to notice it again!

And yes, Max immortalized my rant. The track "In Memory of...." on Primitive... I tell King can make a mountain out of a molehill!

Class dismissed....