Friday, August 24, 2018


Max and I had the opportunity and pleasure to take our 2 grandchildren on tour with us. The tour ran through 23 countries and we tried to show the kids the different/similar lifestyles around Europe and the UK. I also love history so I tried to sneak some learning in, too!

Roki has made guest appearances on the last Cavalera Conspiracy, PSYCHOSIS and on Soulfly's ARCHANGEL. You couldn't really hear him on the CC spinner, but he was loud and clear on the ARCHANGEL release. Max paired him up with Napalm Death's classic, You Suffer. "Exit the music business, Punk!" Damn, Max still laughs his butt off when he hears it!

We first took Roki on tour when he was 4. We were in San Francisco and I took him into the merch booth. Incite started playing and Roki started grooving. He looked at me and said "Gramma, is this your job?" Yes, Roki. This is my job... He paused a minute and said "I gotta get on that stage!" So we tucked him by the monitors at stage left. I swear I only turned my head one minute and next thing I knew, he was on stage air drumming in back of Tony Campos!! I looked for a cane to swoop him off but a tech finally saved the day! Since then he has wanted to get back out there!!

Max and Roki came up with the idea for him to walk on stage near the end of the set and gift us with his magical line. Once was enough to hook him! He was never late! He started getting his Metal on, and cut the sleeves off his shirts! After a couple shows popped up on social media, Roki was pretty well known. You could tell when he walked out that a good part of the crowd was waiting for his appearance! We wondered if he would cave in at POLand Rocks, in front of over half a million people, but he strutted right on stage!

When we got home, he asked his parents for a drum kit and then he broke out his mini Fender guitar. You never know. He may just be Max's muse!!

Class dismissed....