Friday, September 7, 2018


Last week, the 29th of August, I was given the opportunity to attend the viewing of Senator John McCain. Besides being a respected Senator and highly decorated member of the military, he seemed to be a real person. One time, as Max and I flew on a domestic flight, he was seated a couple rows in back of us, in coach. With recent accusations of government personnel using private planes and running up taxpayer bills, this was extraordinary!

On two separate occasions, I wrote the Senator letters regarding incidents that, to myself, were alarming and needed to be brought into the light of day. Both times he responded quickly. Some events in our lives are so unbelievable, that others call them "conspiracy theories." But maybe many of these are true, even though they are so remarkable that people cannot believe they are facts. I had one such experience and I informed Senator McCain about it... To my surprise, he wrote back...and what he wrote punched me in the gut!

9-11 changed the world forever. No going back to the naive way of life. People are more aware but there are still the nonbelievers. They are the hurdles that prevent the truth from being told. And then there are the fighters who stand up for all humans. The men who are offered a way out of predicaments because of money or family strength in politics...and there are the mavericks who tirelessly fight for the truth. RIP, Senator McCain. Someone will follow your lead.

Class dismissed......