Friday, June 15, 2018


When I first started at our club, The Bootleggers, one of the main ways to advertise was with fliers. You had to be really creative to attract attention; there were so many shows to choose from! Being a club owner meant you had to get people to your gig and one of the best ways was to have a flier that really stood out.

Recently, I came across a stack of original fliers tucked under piles of memorabilia. The Ramones, Death, Beastie Boys,and King Diamond were just a few of the ones I found. I share! Here are some of the classics for you, Students! Paul Stottler was one of my favorite designers! He created Sacred Reich's artwork designs and now he tattoos in Hollywood. He even tattooed Dave Grohl!

During our time in The Bootleggers, we dropped fliers at the local record stores (long since shut down), hit up cars in parking lots and stood outside concerts handing them to the fans as they were leaving. One way to get directly to the Metal heads was to go to the high schools at lunch breaks and locate the fast food restaurant the Metalhead students frequented. We pinpointed the various lunch times of the local high schools and then drove around the vicinity and spotted the Metal kids. They all seemed to group together at the same Burger King or what ever chain was near the school. It took some time to figure out the various lunch breaks but once you knew, you could make a route that was very effective.

Here you go!! Help yourself to this nostalgia of bands long since recorded in the Metal History books!!

Class dismissed.....