Friday, June 1, 2018


In the early morning darkness, we will be heading to Kayenta, Arizona, in Monument Valley, to bring Soufly to our friends at the Navajo Nation! June 2 is an important date for the Navajo Tribe, as it is the date the US government and the Tribe signed the peace treaty 150 years ago. After much violence, and many tragedies, the two parties came to an agreement that would march the Nation not the future.

The concert will be free admission for all, and we will share the stage with our friends, Michael Black and his band, Taipan. There will also be several Navajo Metal bands. I am hoping there will be a fair-like atmosphere and we can all savor the Indian Fry Bread dripping with honey!!

We have a solid bond with the Navajo Vice President Jonathan Nez. He has made it his responsibly to create activities to better the Navajo youths' education and future! Young people are the future and the struggles to grow up and have a successful life, are many. He is "hands on," all the way!

We were blessed to receive the traditional protection of the Navajo Spirits, in a ceremony I will never forget! It was dark and we stood below the Milky Way, in a small amphitheater in Tuba City, Arizona. The Medicine Man presented Max with a powerful silver and turquoise bracelet that wards off negative energy. During the blessing, a feather fell at my feet and I was given it. I never travel anywhere without it now!! The ancient beliefs are strengthening. Sometimes, I feel the modern world has washed away much of the power of Nature!

Join us in celebrating this powerful day of reflection. People suffer many wrongs, yet at the same time, they create the many wrongs. The past should be our teacher and we should open our minds to peace, for we are all leaders in our own way.

Class dismissed....