Friday, June 8, 2018

1993 STARTED WITH A Z !!! 25 YEARS AGO ....

25 years ago this week, our home was hectic with happiness and with sadness, all rolled into one! Fate denied Max and me a honeymoon, newly wedded happiness and any form of celebration of our marriage. We had a whole 12 hours of wedded bliss before unthinkable tragedy struck us. Focusing on the needs of our family got me through it. When all hell breaks loose, I work harder and triumph!

There was a little person who was there to keep us occupied and his name began with a Z !! The "calm, big eyed, brown haired Do-Dah-er, born with a beat in his head" was the perfect ointment for any pain! We had a mascot!
We all laughed wedding tour, cried at Adam's funeral and then, with wobbly knees, boarded a plane to London! Chaos was about to be sculpted! With all the hubbub, with all the anxiety, there was quiet excitement!

The kids had certainly suffered in grief, so Max and I decided to transport them across the ocean to Wales to join us at Rockfield Studio. We needed to be together. Andy and Trish (his wife) were bringing their children, too. Companions are cool! Andy Wallace and Andy Wallace were the first steps. They would grow by great lengths each day, as the layers of recording were processed. The kids would be free to play in the haunted fields of Rockfield and the adults would be adulating !!

25 years ago it seems so far and seems so near, at the same time! Our journey has winded; our Tribe has expanded. Z has grown all the rest of the children. Nothing stops Time. It is up to us to leave our mark, our impression, our influence. Will you like to dandelion or leave your imprint like T-Rex? Leave your mark, Students! Be your Dream !!

Do not let misery and the downs of Life break you !! There is an adventure every day! Just fly free and see where the world takes you, before its too late ......

Class dismissed ....