Friday, March 2, 2018


Dana often introduced new bands to us. He went to the small clubs and parties and always came home pumped with fresh music on his mind! He was the first person who turned us onto bands like Korn, the Deftones, Unwritten Law, Downset and Far.

In mid 1996, Max and I were somewhere on the planet and the kids decided to road trip to Flagstaff, Arizona to see the Deftones and a new band called Far. They had heard about them from the Deftones.. They had a new record out called Tin Cans With Strings For You.

Roxanne, Richie, Dana, Kristen and Co. chilled all day, slamming through Far and encoring with the Deftones. If you are lucky enough to be an owner of one of the rare 45 vinyls of Attitude, you will see Dana and Joey’s classic stagedive, seared forever on the back cover. It would be the last concert he would ever see, and the Final Launch.

Next up for Far was a Sepultura club tour. I always preferred taking new bands and giving them a push. New bands are full of fire! I still use the same formula, 22 years later. Stay true to Metal and not the politics of music!!!

Class dismissed......