Friday, March 23, 2018


As we near the final North American finale of the Soulfly Point Blank Tour, i wanna give a shout out to the Tribe who came to the show, walked out all sweaty, wearing the Nailbomb hoody and knew they had just witnessed a Metal Rarity!! We all know how underground Nailbomb is and the impossibility of getting your hands on some official cloth! The cds have long since disappeared and only never, do items pop up online for collectors.

With the absence of Alex Newport, Igor took the responsibility and the pressure of the press comparing this and that, and pulled it off!! Since Nailbomb was so embedded in the family, it wasn't like just anyone could fill Alex's shoes. Since Igor was at Nailbomb's 2 historic shows, however in vitro, it all made sense. When we did the shows eons ago, we had to utilize 3 drummers to make it all work, but now there was Zyon, blasting the entire set away.

We knew that the fans at the shows were true fans. They weren't waiting for the Soulfly/Nile tour. They all knew that this was soon to be obsolete and if they wanted to see it, they had better get their torsos in the club. I decided to concentrate on 300 seaters, and keep the shows as raw and in your face as possible. Canada was an experience! 3 weeks crossing Canada had been a dream that I can now cross off my list! Of course it was February and we may as well have toured the North Pole with all the snow and minus temps!

There are a few more territories outside the US that may get a taste, as I am silently planning our future surprises!! Coming up this week...Memphis, Oklahoma City and Gallup, New Mexico!! See you in the pit! Keep it RAW!!

Class dismissed......