Friday, February 23, 2018


Many of you already know that Soulfly has been in the studio recording with Josh Wilbur. Early February, the studio was rebooked by another artist, so we all travelled home. Max still had two more tracks to record vocals on, so we made a plan for Josh to fly in and record in our home. We would check him into the Toyroom and transform the super heroes into fans, and blankets into a vocal booth!

Josh no doubt got mega searched at the airport security, with all the gear he had in his carry on! It isn't the kind of equipment that can go safely under a plane, so the overhead was the chosen nest. In no time at all, the room was a tangled mass of cords, computers and noise!

For 2 days and nights, the two of them were holed up, screaming and jamming. They only came out to eat and then back in the cave. When they were first setting up, I heard some hammering coming from the room. When I went to see what it was, Max was trying to act casual, standing in the doorway with his arm on the door frame, blocking me from entering. I could smell a rat and managed to cross the border. Josh was hammering a heavy blanket into the ceiling and the doorframe of the closet and making a vocal booth!! I let it slide as I knew it was pure genius!!

As the hours crept past, I snuck down the hallway to grab you all a bite....It's small, but extremely filling!! Soulfly 11, the birth.....Enjoy!!