Friday, September 8, 2017


People flock to band members. They credit and judge them by many hats, not realizing it takes whole slew of dedicated people to make the clock tick. Just as every football team needs it's quarterback, we have Max. In the past, some people didn't realize this fact. They struggled and climbed over bodies to all be the quarterback. They should have been grateful for the completed plays. In the same way, musicians need positive surroundings. They need the stage on point!! These are the umbilical cords of the show!!! The bloodstream that flows to the heart!! The Road Crew...the people who bring life to the show. The people who toil like no others. The people who will take a bullet, or worse, for their team.

I admit, there have been times I put the crew before the band. These people are the first ones in the venue and the last ones out. They guard the treasures on stage, each in their own world. Without their efforts, there would be sound that is shizzle, no structure on stage, no backdrop hanging, in other words...TOTAL DEVASTATION!!

I have been known to have quite a colorful army! Yes, I have seen them perform miracles and collect girlfriends. I have seen them grab crazies and cart them off. I have smelled their sweat and smelled their alcohol breath. I have cleaned their barf! And I have seen them sing happy birthday and comfort children. Without them, we are nothing!

This blog is for all the hard workers, male and female, who I have had the blessing to call my crew. You will go the extra mile and I will be there to thank you and feed you and care for you, too. And sometimes..I will hide the Jack!!

Class dismissed.....