Friday, September 22, 2017


I can't recall when I first met Apocalyptica, but I do know I had acts on many Metal shows with them, through the years! In case you aren't familiar with them, they are a Finnish cello band that plays classical music and Metal! They formed in 1993 and all hail from Helsinki, Finland. Some of them graduated from the acclaimed Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and soon after began performing as a Metallica cover cello band! I was quite amazed when I first saw them perform. They are so unique!

Besides being unique musically, they are super cool and fun to hang with! They can party like madmen and still keep their ultra cool aura! It is always rad to get to know rockers who waived the snobby attitude and kept their mojo level with their fans!
In 2006, Max was invited to guest on their LP titled Amplified. He collaborated with them on their track titled Repressed. The recording was done in Berlin, Germany. Check it out sometime!!

Recently Return to Roots shared the stage at Lokerse Festival in Belgium, with Apocalyptica. I was lucky to not have press to handle, so I caught their entire set. I admit, I have a personal fondness for them because they are just too damn cool; they don't fit the Metal mold and hell, let's admit it...they are gentleman. And yes, Girls, they are eye candy for you......did I really say that?

Back in the day when they played Metallica tunes exclusively, they also slid some Sepultura covers in their set. The crowd goes wild singing along and somehow it all just works! I advise all Metalheads to check them out if you hear they are heading your way!

Class dismissed......