Friday, September 15, 2017


In 1997, Max had written all year and put it all on a cd. I made a trip to W=Europe...more meetings and after, some leisure time. Princess Diana had been killed two weeks earlier and we were following it on the news. We decided to go to Paris and stay at the same Ritz Carlton she was at, that fateful night.

When we arrived, the hotel reception had a heart attack! Green hair and a dreaded man!!! WTF!! We apparently weren't the usual clientele, but our reservation was there and they honored. The hotel was crawling with investigators and press and us!
Damn, what a swank room they gave us!!! It was amazing to be honest. All golden and peachy and elaborate! We dabbed the high society!

Next, we went to London to see the memorial in Harrods and even got to sign the sympathy book. I must say, this Princess was a G!! Besides being a tremendously charitable and beautiful person, she went after arms' dealers of landmines!! For God's sake! What courage and insight to do this! Going after them had to be as dangerous as trying to avoid stepping on a landmine in a field! If you think about it, what douche invented such carnivorous devices?

I wanted to check out the flower memorial at Kensington Castle. Max always is interested in everything worldly. He humored me and accompanied me on my quest. I was absorbed by the emotion and tributes that were displayed everywhere! It was a fitting bouquet for The People's Princess! I actually rescued a few flowers from the demise of certain death by wilting, and brought them home to some girls I love!

Inspiration is all around us. Sometimes it takes bravery to help others and do the right thing. If people like Princess Di weren't on this Earth, it would turn into a shizzlehole overnight. Stand up! You only have one life and it goes quickly! Make it count.

Class dismissed.......