Friday, May 13, 2016


This past January, as I was sitting on stage left of the Soulfly show at the O2 in London, a question popped into my always clicking brain. Uncle Iggor had stopped by the venue that evening to visit and jam a couple songs. He was now playing Roots and I was zooming back 20 years in my mind's archive. The 20 year anniversary of the Roots record is this many turns had surprised us on our journey!! All of a sudden, it was crystal clear to me! Why couldn't Max and Iggor play the Roots record live? Why steer away from their child? For God's sake, they both were ACTUALLY IN SEPULTURA 30 YEARS AGO!!

Last year, we did a very historical run with Cavalera Conspiracy, in South and Central America. Alex Palaia took us on our voyage to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Mexico. The brothers were the first Metal act to crush the borders and play in these countries of Central America. There is always a mad frenzy, as the fans catch their first glimpse of the brothers. Believe me, my Students, I have seen many a grown man cry at this sight! Sitting on that road case, on stage left, I decided that this Roots run would become a reality, enough reminiscing! Let's DO this!

I texted their booking agent and asked if he thought it would be something people would be interested in. He said he would ask around. After the show, I mentioned it to Max and Iggor, who seemed cool with it. On tour, Max always does a generous amount of press. It took him no time to let the cat out of the bag!! Within 3 days, I was flooded with email, messages and phone calls from people asking if it was true.

Now, some months later, the dates are being booked. The guys are getting ready to rehearse. All is good in Cavalera Land! This will only be a short run; a "get it while it's hot" tour. If you blink you may miss it! It's not something you will see often. Don't be shy! Return to your Roots!!! We are.....

Class dismissed........