Friday, May 6, 2016


Some years back. I heard about a store with Max's name as it's brand. We all laughed when we learned it was a clothing store...not just any clothing store, but a formal-attire outfitter!! Haut couture, no less!! I vowed to one day visit this store, and get the scoop! After all, how many rockers have a store that they have nothing to do with, named after them? Especially a shop in Istanbul, Turkey!!!!

We toured Istanbul many times, but never had the chance to drop in. Producing a show leaves very little time for me or Max to, daily shopping, set up, there is hours of organizing. On the Metal AllStars tour we had extra time each day, so when we landed in Istanbul, we knew where we were get some swag!!!!

Our friend drove us to a corner store, and there it was in all its glory! MAX CAVALERA, blazing above the entrance. We stepped down into the store, which was a bit like a sunken building, half the way down some stairs. The shop was stuffed with tuxedos, suits, socks, women's blouses, jackets, dress shirts, all colorful and emboldened with Max's name!! I will say we had an enjoyable laugh!!

The owner, whose name escapes me, but you can see him in the photo, explained that the original owner was a huge fan of Max's and named the store after him and also produced the clothing line. When he sold the store, the new owner left the name the same, as all the clothes had Max's name and the store was quite solid. He gifted us with swag and photos!!

The next time you go to Istanbul, check it out! The store also has interesting Instagram and Facebook accounts! When you are in the market for some Max Cavalera haute couture, this is the place to hit up!

Class dismissed........