Friday, May 27, 2016


In 2008, Cavalera Conspiracy went on a European tour. The first gig was in Madrid, Spain, at the Electric Weekend Festival. Rage Against the Machine was the headliner. We were all super excited about the show...that is until our driver got lost in the city for 8 hours! That really chucked us off and besides being late, we had no drinks or food, since we had gotten on the bus at the airport. It made for a real crabby start to the tour. The driver was sweating tears of fear and we were all tense as a patient in pre-op!

Picture by NoiseFull
Picture by Rodriguez Villegas

The show turned into a throw and go and before we knew it, we were chilling in the dressing room. Max and I had recently seen the movie, No Country For Old Men, and were still amazed with the ferocity of it. Javier Bardem had stolen our breaths away!

My friend, Sarah, came quietly to me in the dressing room and whispered if I wanted to meet Javier! I was definitely stunned! She said he was in the bar area. I definitely was going for this opportunity! She took me to a tiny round table in the outdoor bar, and there he was. Nonchalant, sipping a beer, all alone. He was nothing but a Cool Breeze! Sarah introduced us and I acted like a spellbound idiot, I am sure! But......I got my photo and a great tale!

I told Max and the others that I had met him. Rage started playing and we headed to the stage. Who should swagger past us? The cool, sinister, Mr. Bardem, talking on a cell phone! Max and Javier exchanged their "I am a fan of yours!" He was talking to his Mom on the phone and jumped in a Port-a-Jon (:)). Do I dare say we waited outside and when he came out, I shot the sickest photos ever of Max and our boys head banging with Javier as Rage raged in the background. Maybe one day I can find them...

Enjoy your long weekend, Students! BBQ, swimming, parties...and remember those you love and lost. Respect! Our school isn't out for the summer!!!!!

Class dismissed......