Friday, February 5, 2016


In 1984, I was rocking in my own club, The Bootleggers, in Phoenix, Arizona.  The scene was popping and many of our bands were starting to make a mark in Metal.  Sacred Reich, Times Square, Flotsam and Jetsam, Tuff, so many garage bands!

We were setting up a Battle of the Bands and I had to find a worthy prize.  I went to a studio in Paradise Valley, called Chaton Recording.  The owner, Ed Ravenscroft, was really cool and showed me around.  His house circled a giant, indoor pool, with a branch off to the studio.  His wife was there, recording children's books.  Her voice was British and steamy!   It was addicting, listening to her recite her words.

Ed offered to give me 8 hours of recording and mix time.  It was better than nothing!  I was very excited to tell the bands about it!!

We had many entries and the contest went on, for about a month.  All the different bands each weekend, voting some off, keeping other bands, it was very emotional.

In the end, a glam rock band called Times Square, won the recording session.   I personally preferred The Flots, but the crowd spoke.  Timez Square...

About a month or two later, Jason Newsted came in to chill and asked me to go out back.  Our car was parked in the alley behind the club and we had many "meetings" in that old Lincoln!  What was up now?

Jason told me that Timez Square was fighting internally and were dividing up the recording time into one hour blocks.  I was horrified ah the thought of Ed having to shuffle 5 bands through what was supposed to be a generous and appreciated prize.  People would be arguing..  This couldn't happen!

Jason reminded me that they were the next runner up and I promised him I would get the time back and they could have it.  The deal was struck.

I called Timez Square, who admitted they had trouble internally.  They brought the certificate back and I presented it to Jason.  Thus was born Metal Shock!!  The mighty Flots recorded and mixed the demo in 8 hours!  They were so tight!  They were a great band, with a great leader!  Flots till Death!

After the city stole our club, our son Jason, was born.  Named Jason Christopher after a friend......

Class dismissed......