Friday, January 22, 2016


Keeping with the Zyon birthday week blogs, I recalled a funny phone call Max got when I was pregnant with Zyon. If I remember correctly, it came in shortly after Max and I got home from the Ministry/Helmet/Sepultura tour. I was super pregnant and laying on the couch. Briiiiiing.....the phone rings and Max answers...
with Ministry on the last day of the tour

9 months prego
Max was surprised to hear Kurt Cobain on the other end of the phone line. He had gotten our phone number from someone in Brazil. He explained that he was in Brazil, playing a big festival. He was looking for heroin and wondered if Max knew where he could get some. Max was pretty surprised and didn't really know how to answer! "No, I don't know how to get anything like that, and I am in America!" Max said. Kurt kept the conversation going for a bit and then switched the topic to pregnant wives!
Working a couple hours after Zyon is born
Kurt said he had heard that we were expecting a child. He said he hoped I would have an easier time than Courtney had, in labor. He sent me some good wishes and went on his way.
And then we had a Z!!!
Zyon and Max

Uncle Iggor with Zyon

Class dismissed.......