Saturday, February 27, 2016


June 1995, Max and I were holed up at a hotel near the hospital I was to give birth to Igor at. Igor was my 7th child and I was sure he would come out like a speeding rocket, so we booked a hotel and waited…and waited…and waited. After his hair and fingernails were customized, he decided it was okay to make his entrance! It was a grueling, all day affair. When I was finally near delivery, guess what? He was too big. A 9 pounder!!! After 3 hours of attempting delivery the doctor came in for a C-section. This must have kicked Igor in the butt, as he promptly decided it was time.

I remember after he was born, I asked the nurse if I could stay an extra night. She sternly looked at me and said “We aren’t a hotel!” Ok, I could take a hint. Grab the baby and get out!

We headed straight to a place that WAS a hotel, and checked in with our brood. I needed a break from housework and band work! We piled the kids in and ordered room service. Max was goofing around taking photos and doing some work on the Nailbomb release he and Alex had put together. Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide was just as much an infant as Igor was.

From the other room, all I could hear was Jonathon Davis shouting “Are you ready?????” WTF? Max was up to something! He showed me the polaroids of Richie, Jason and Zyon raging and told me it would be the band photo for the record. Of course I thought he was kidding! Alex stopped by to see his new brother-in -law, and loved the cameos. He said…”I want to be Zyon!” We left it at that!

Class dismissed……