Thursday, September 3, 2015


When I started managing bands, I really didn't have a clue. I was learning about show production, gear, marketing and Metal, in general, in The Bootlegger's. I was also producing shows at rented venues. Stepping into management was another level. I guess I was made for it, as I have always loved music, written notes, planned ventures, and been an organizer. I never really was a manger limited to managing. Since I have gone on the road with my bands forever, I know my way around most every city, have friends in every city and town, and am familiar with the press, radios and record labels in almost all the territories in music. At first, I thought all managers toured but now I know better.

Sepultura and Sacred Reich.  Sacred's first time in France

When I first started going on the road, I managed from behind the merch booth. We didn't have enough money to take all the necessary crew, so I took on 4 jobs to help my bands get going. Besides managing, I was the tour manager, sold merch and also was the tour accountant. I have even been known to sit at the drums, switch guitars and get water and towels for the stage. You will never see me on the mid-stage as I do not have any desire to go out there....for any reason at all.

Me sitting selling mercy in former Yugoslavia
At home, in Phoenix, I enjoyed helping bands get gigs if a show got cancelled or a band had a day off. I have been known to Bbq and thrown down blankets. You know what? It was all just more education, as far as I was concerned. The more about Metal and the business I could learn, the better. Remember The Crumbsuckers? They were one of the funnest throw and goes I helped set up. This was many years ago, of course, in the Sacred Reich days. We grilled and had a great show at night. The Boredoms, Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, Cathedral...many bands have graced our home.


Crumbsuckers vocalist

I understand most managers sit in offices, but it was never my style. I like to meet the press people and know what is going on. Image is everything and some requests artists get are not really beneficial. As I started my relationship with Max, I had to limit the number of bands I took on, since they all wanted me to tour and I knew it wouldn't be possible. I have tried to surround myself with loyal, hard working and fun loving people. I saw Willie Nelson's production pull up to a hotel once and they were all white haired, long time friends and family. I knew that formula was for me.

Having an imagination is really important in the music business. I think managers are a sort of artist, in their own way. Planning tours, sifting through artwork, guest musicians, finding label deals, it's not all black and white. You need to see the gray! When someone asks me how to get started, I suggest they find a local band they really love and start there. Nothing better than at the shows, going to practice and being involved in the entire evolution process. Once you get the hang of it, you will either be getting your band's hype going or you will be getting a bigger band. It's all up to you! Don't take no for an answer and believe in yourself! It also helps if you are an insomniac!

Sacred Reich, Atrophy and Me at dinner in Nurenberg

Class dismissed...