Friday, January 23, 2015


Of the Sepultura recordings I witnessed, Chaos AD had to be the most magical, but let's not forget Roots! Recording in Malibu and staying at the Malibu Beach Inn for 6 weeks was a treat!! Waking up to the Pacific Ocean and seeing dolphins jumping was the way to start a day.

Max and Zyon


little Igor

Me and Sepultura
On the way to the studio, on the first day, Max stopped on the side of the road and said he had to make a prayer. He went off and when he returned to the car, he said "wait there will be an animal." Of courseI didn't know what he was talking about but with my own eyes I saw a big black crow appear in front of us. I did not take it as a good omen, but said nothing. To me, it was dark and foreboding, not a good sign. The band's coming breakdown was evident to both of us, but it was something we spoke of in private, in hushed tones so even we did not have to admit it to ourselves.

Max, Zyon, and Carlinos Brown

uncle Iggor, Zyon, and Paulo

And then it was over
Since it is Zyon's birthday week, I wanted to just post some pics from the studio, rare photos...the calm before the storm. Zyon was 3 years old and Igor a young baby at the time. Our little mascots could make anyone smile and they were my sunshine as the darkness loomed on the horizon.

The many special guests, the birth of classic songs, the cactus on the hill with the musician's names carved in it....Chi, Chino, KORN, and was all part of the vibe of Indigo Ranch, now long gone, but captured in the essence of the records that were spawned there. They are all classics till the end of eternity. The magic lives on forever....

Class dismissed......