Friday, January 16, 2015


By now you all know my Russian roots and also, that I am Russian Orthodox religion. When you get married in our church, you are not allowed to get a divorce unless you apply to the higher-ups for permission. The Church is steeped in tradition and traces directly to the Apostles.

We have many friends in the church, and many are priests. One of our dearest friends is Father Anthony Nelson in Oklahoma City. He and the choir director, Anna Voellmecke and friends have attended every Soulfly concert that has ever been in Oklahoma City. They even know the songs!!

Max and me at our first wedding

In January of 2004, Max and I were in Oklahoma on family business and decided to have our marriage blessed. When we married in 1993, we had a civil ceremony in our backyard. It was a blast, I admit, with loads of friends and a huge party. This time, it would strictly be to join us in the church. We took our wedding rings off our left hand and the ceremony began after the church completed the Sunday service.

Max wore a suit and I wore a dark green velvet "castle dress." We didn't really fuss much, no witnesses or formalities. We just got to the point. The service is beautiful with many hymns, prayers, candles and the sweet scent of frankincense. Towards the end, the traditional Russian golden crowns were swayed above our heads. We placed our wedding rings on the right hand as in the tradition of the church and presto! Our vows were renewed. It made us stronger as a couple and felt right to do so! I was very thankful for the people from the church who aided in singing and chanting. Sometimes you just have to go outside the norm to seek strength. And you know what? It worked!

Class dismissed.....