Friday, January 2, 2015


Some years ago, Max, me and the kids decided to rip it up on Catalina Island with the kids. We had a rare break and had never been to the island paradise off the coast of California. We flew into Long Beach and hopped on the ferry....
The ferry was fun and not so long of a ride. The kids performed their usual excited antics and Max joined in! We were all thrilled to be together, after many months of touring. To spend time relaxing together was so rare (and still is!); we savored the flavor of each second!

Max me and fam on the ferry

We arrived on the island at the ferry launch and found out we had to walk to our hotel with our pile of too-much-luggage. It wasn't far, just unexpected, but we trudged on, overloaded like camels! We checked in and decided to get something to eat. As we got out of the elevator, it took off with little Zyon in it! We had to split up and search the floors, but luckily he didn't get out and we eventually found him. To this day he is still sketchy about elevators!

Igor playing in the hotel with shirt on his head
After eating, we found out no cars were allowed on the island and there were very few roads anyway. We rented a golf cart and blended in with everyone else! Deciding to get some much needed sleep, we planned our adventure for the next day. We would travel up the one road to the top of a small hill that overlooked the island. It was a famous tourist attraction, I believe owned by the famous Wrigley family.
Bright and early, we piled on the cart and took a leisurely drive up to the overlook. There was a mausoleum at the top with an above-ground sepulcher that one of the Wrigley's was buried in. It was in a building with big window like opening with a beautiful view of the lush foliage and the harbor. All of a sudden, we heard the tap tap of shoes behind us. As Max and I turned around, we were shocked to see our comedian of the family, Jason, dancing on top of the sepulcher! He was in rare form, singing "I am dancing on his grave!!!" We scooted him off and made our getaway on our golf cart, much to the horror of the many tourists also enjoying the tranquil view.

I had to work a bit and in those days of no cell phones or wifi, I found a row of pay phones outside one of the restaurants. I plunked my quarters in and the kids got busy on the other phones, pretending they were calling their friends. All of a sudden, the Sheriff pulls up next to me and gets out of his squad car, quickly approaching us, much to my horror!
"Who dialed 9-11?" Mr. Sheriff give us all the squinty-eye-look and surveys the row of potential criminals lined up at the pay phones. Roxanne and Richie immediately point at Jason, who was much younger than them. Mr. Sheriff bends down, eye level to Jason, and gives him the lowdown...."what if there was a real emergency and I couldn't be there because you just made a prank call to the police?" Jason sunk in his little sneakers and tried to vanish. I get the next squinty-eye-look and finally, he leaves us alone. Geez...what a vacation!

Me and Igor on the beach

Family picnic

We explore what's left to explore and then go to our rooms, feeling lucky not to have ended up in a jail cell, made for silly people! The next day, we were homeward bound with a suitcase full of laughter and hilarious memories!! We decided we had seen it all at Catalina Island and would not return until our faces were forgotten by the tourists, the Sheriff and the locals!
Remember to love life, with its ups and downs, its surprises and its conquests. Make humor out of stress and go with the flow.....and....HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

On the ferry home! 

Max me and Igor

Class dismissed.....