Friday, November 14, 2014


After the final masters go to the record label (in The Prophecy's case it was Roadrunner Records) the next step is the label, the band and the band's manager, decide on a single. That's what the first song to be released to the fans is called. There is usually a video that is made to release in conjunction with the first single. The track chosen was the title track, The Prophecy.

Max wanted to keep everything connected to the project artistically parallel to the photo shoot at Monument Valley he had done earlier with Nick Steever. He wanted to shoot the video deep in the heart of the most famous landscape on earth. Monument Valley is so visually rich and the history of the area goes beyond written time. The desert would absorb the song and the song would absorb the desert.

Soulfly had done some shows in Tuba City, Arizona in the past. Each time they were promoted by local Good Samaritan, police officer and community server, Fred Davis. We had developed a friendship because of these shows. Fred has even invited Max and I to the Navajo Reservation to participate for Toys For Tots for Christmas. Naturally, it was Fred who was contacted to arrange this dream of Max's.

We rented a bus in Phoenix and piled our family and friends in to make the 6 hour drive to the location near Four Corners. The colors deepened as we drove nearer and the desert cast its purple, red and golden hues everywhere you looked. Signs to view dinosaur tracks, booths on the highway selling silver and turquoise jewelry and small cafes dotted the side of the highway.

Thanks to Fred and the video team's hard work, the day went off perfectly and the landscape was bared open to us. Max walked deep into the heart of the swirling red rocks, the sand crisp under his feet. He walked far; the band all raged near. The drums perched on the energy of eons of time that had passed. Indigenous local people, cowboys, and settlers crossing in the wilderness had wandered here; cavemen and dinosaurs before them. Spirituality flowed from the land into your very veins.

A restful drive back to Phoenix; a job well done. The circle completed. This is The Prophecy!!!

Class dismissed.....