Friday, November 7, 2014


Layer after layer, the music became songs...tracks. With much of the music recorded, Max began bringing in the guests. Dave Ellefson was one of them. Dave lives in Scottsdale so it was really easy to not have to rush for time like some of the recordings. When Corey Taylor collaborated on Jumpdafuckup, he was on tour and only had a couple hours to spare....a couple of the sickest, bomb blasting hours ever, I will say!

Corey Taylor and Max

Max had chosen specific songs for Dave to lay the bass tracks down to. He is featured on Mars, The Prophecy and the instrumental piece, Soulfly 4. Dave is really professional to work with and one of the nicest musicians around!
Max, Marc, and Dave


Danny Marianino also popped by and belted out Defeat You with Max. He was in the band Northside Kings at the time. We have known Danny forever.

Danny Marianino
Max wanted Asha Rabouin, the female singer on previously recorded songs, Tree of Pain and Fly High, to close the album with the track Wings. Asha's brother passed away a short time after Dana and she was in sync with us emotionally. Her voice is creamy and haunting. Beautiful, flowing so gracefully. We brought her to NYC once when Soulfly was on the Slayer tour. She walked on stage at Roseland Ballroom to a sold out show of rowdy Slayer maniacs and they loved her powerful Tree of Pain! The entire place lit lighters and the hush was like a fog, holding every in a hypnotic spell. We didn't know what to expect, but we ended up with one memorable night!

Max and Asha listening to music...

Asha recording

Max, Asha, and John Grey

The squares on the board filled in, one by one, day by day. Bobby, Marc and Joe, all joining Max, adding the pieces like an erector set growing steadily. Mei Noite added the percussion, springing it like a spice throughout the record.

Bobby and Max recording

Marc and Max in the control room

Bobby, Joe, and Max in the kitchen

And when it was done, the Lion slept.......

Class dismissed.......