Friday, April 4, 2014


From time to time, record label reps would stop by. to check up on recording. The UK Roadrunner rep was a cool due named Marcus. He had grown up nearby in the town of Chepstow and his father was the mayor. When Max suggested to Andy that they record in a castle, Andy got excited! Just by luck, Marcus's father could get us access to Chepstow Castle!! It was all rolling together!!

Max thought it would be very cool to have a Brazilian band record a song about a tribe, in a Welsh castle. He left all the logistics to Andy. Captain Andy rounded up the mics, speakers, board, cables and every other detail necessary to accomplish this dream. There was a general fun feeling spreading through the compound.

The shadows in the castle walls were long and slicing. The sea gulls were circling, cawing all through the day. Musty acoustics, aged from weather and time. Sunshine fought to shine in the corners; the roof was long gone in some dusty century, but the walls still rose tight and strong. I sat at the back with Zyon and snapped photos and wrote on the card catalog in my brain and filed it under Castle Recording 1993.

Max, Zyon, and Me

Me and Zyon

At the beginning of the song, you can hear Andreas say in Portuguese, "Are you ready, Vovo?" Andy kept the sound of the seagulls above, live and fresh on the recording. The wind was our companion, a silent breeze. It was a beautiful day, cool in our barricade.
After the wrap, we went into the village and it was boiling hot out!! The sun was relentless; no stone walls blocking the glare here! We all stopped for cold drinks.

ice cold sodas!
As the recording wound down, we planned a party. The owners of the estate and studio, their family, Andy, Trish and their kids and our Sepul mob all rocked the night away. Slamming sweet wine and playing 60's songs was on the menu! A giant pig was being roasted in the field by the lovely Welsh ladies and we were boogying to the band. I even danced with Max and Andy Wallace! Damn I never had so much fun! Andy treated us to his bass playing and covers of the Beatles and Rolling Stones. In the morning, we all need plastic surgery to remove our smiles.....but that is another story....

Class dismissed....