Friday, December 27, 2013


       1993, when Sepultura was on the doorstep of the Chaos Ad recording, Roadrunner Records chose the song Territory for the single.  I immediately thought of the many wars over the Holy City of Jerusalem and suggested we do the video there.  The idea went over great and before I knew it, I was organizing the travel and video shoot.

Zyon was quite young and Max always wanted him with us on our travels, so we brought him with us.  It was strange in the airport, landing in Tel Aviv.  So much security, and people dressed like we had only seen on TV and in magazines.

Me and Zyon in the airport..
We travelled and shot footage all day long, sightseeing on the way.  We stopped at an overlook once and viewed the walled city of Jerusalem.  That year I was not allowed to enter the Holy City because it was very dangerous at the time for women to enter.  There was much political activity, so we decided to save it for another visit.  We also saw a giant menorah, and took photos near it. 

Me and Z in front of Jerusalem

Iggor and Zyon
We filmed with the Bedouins, the nomads who travel in camel caravans through the desert.  They live in big tents with their family.  The men made the women stay in a tent far from where we were filming.  I was allowed to go in there.  A baby was hanging in a hammock with an unappetizing amount of flies attacking his face.  The women were preparing hot tea for us. 

We made a trip to the top of the ancient city of Masada.  It was amazing to imagine what went on up there many years ago. The Dead Sea was our host next.  So funny seeing the band covered in Dead Sea mud and splashing in the water.

Iggor and Andreas at Dead Sea
When the days of filming were completed, Max and I stayed and hung on the beach in Tel Aviv with Zyon.  It was the warmest, clearest water I had ever seen.  The glorious Mediterranean soothed and relaxed us.  Maybe Jesus or the Apostles had sat where we relaxed…the view was Heavenly! 

At the Beach

            Merry Christmas!  May God bless the Tribe!!

Class dismissed….