Friday, December 13, 2013

Gloria Cavalera's 10 Commandments of Metal

Gloria Cavalera's 10 Commandments of Metal

I was slinking through the pit one day when I saw a glimmer in the distance, a shiny, metal object.  My curiosity drew me to it!  I thought it was stone but when I came upon it, it was definitely Metal!  The strange object heated in my hand and I could see words blazing upon it!  When the smoke and sparks cleared, I could read it clearly.


1.  Thou shall bang thy head!!

2.  Thou shall pick up your fallen brothers and sisters in the pit!

3.  Thou shall not mosh in the pit bare-foot or naked!


4.  Thou shall not molest crowd surfers!

5.  Thou shall support local Metal and not steal music, for it is someone else's creation!


6.  Thou shall not judge others!

7.  Thou shall not segregate Metal into genres and breed hate or favoritism of a particular genre!  They are all Metal!

8.  Thou shall honor thy Mother and Father, even if they do not understand you! 

9.  Thou shall leave violence out of your life.  Air guitar, stage diving, crowd surfing, circle pits, and walls of death are free will and acceptable! Be aware of your neighbors and include them in your activity!


10.  Thou shall be comforted by Metal, for we are truly free!

Class Dismissed...