Friday, August 9, 2013

Paul Booth Joins The Tribe!

We met Paul Booth many years ago. Iggor Cavalera was the first person from our tribe to get tatted by Paul. Of course, once we all saw the masterpiece, everyone desired a tag from the Greatest Tattoo Artist around!
Max and I flew Paul and his then-girlfriend , Barb, to Phoenix and welcomed them to our home. Dana was so excited to jump in line after Max. I remember we all had hangovers...

Paul, Max, and Zyon
The first tatts Max got from Paul were his famous elbow eyeballs. Dana got a shrunken head on his forearm. I was too hungover and couldn't "sit" that day, so I reserved another day. Max decided to begin his chest piece that second day and I asked for a gargoyle, sleeping on my shoulder. Oh yeah, at the time, I was pregnant with my little Igor, as you can see by the photos!!

The chest piece took some time and Max completed it in blocks. I got the gargoyle on my back, sleeping, curled on my shoulder blade. It was so cute, I asked Paul to do a couple more. He capped each of my shoulders. Some of our tattoos were done at our Phoenix home and some were done on the road, in hotel rooms. We even visited Paul's badass studio on the East Coast.
Me getting Left shoulder done...

Max's Chest tattoo finished

Max, Glo Paul and Barb
Let me tell you....Paul Booth is a gangster! He is the nicest, most mellow, considerate and gentle people you will meet. He welcomed our skin as fine canvasses, designing original sketches for us. Paul created Max's famous neck tatts with the skill of Leonardo! He also designed my Soulfly logo on the inside of my wrist. He does some of the best stone skin sculpting you will ever see and we are all stoked to be the proud bearers of his legacy in art.
Getting gargoyle done...

Gargoyle finished!
I have heard my Inciters and Lodys on the road, plotting their Paul Booth tatts...where and when...the next generation is coming your way Paul! Much respect!!!
Class dismissed.....