Friday, August 23, 2013


In the 1990's, Europe was developing many festivals. Today, there are hundreds of festivals in all corners of the continent. Why, even Dubai was host to some big productions! Some shows have continued to draw and some festivals have disappeared through the years. Many have campsites and fans flock in and rage for 3 or more days, living in the wild atmosphere of moshpits and Metal.

One of the festivals in the early 90's was in Finland. It was called Giants of Rock. I had the opportunity to book Sepultura on it one year. We had fun with the name and made little signs for our dressing room that said Ants of Rock, since we certainly did not feel like giants!

The summer in Finland brings daylight 24/7. It was unusually hot that day...smoking hot. No air conditioning in the forest! The buses in Europe do not have generators either so there was no escape from the intense heat.

Winger and Me

Winger and Udo were really friendly. It was funny to play with a soft band like Kip Winger's group, but in Europe it is possible to mix all kinds of music and the fans accept it. It makes for more interesting shows, more fans at the festivals and the chance to see a number of really fantastic bands sharing the stage.
Winger and Sepultura
The fans poured in; the moshpit raged and the day ended with sweaty success!! We got to meet and hang with all the other musicians. There was no segregation! Music truly is the universal language!!! Let's all learn it!!

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Class dismissed.