Friday, August 16, 2013


In my family, I am the first girl born of my generation. I did not realize it until the late 90's, the first born girl of the generation, on my mother's side, lost her firstborn son in a violent manner. I can trace this back 5 generations and I am sure it goes beyond. Coincidences or choose.

My Aunt Natasha was caught in Stalin's net in the 1950's. She was sentenced to 10 years of hard labor in a Siberian prison for simply stating the country would improve if they had a new president. She was narced off by a young co-worker, in a factory she had taken a job in. She gave birth to a son in prison. This son was murdered some years ice pick through the heart. The date was August 16.
Aunt Natasha and Sasha in Siberia
Enter the 1990's, life is exciting. Our family and careers are booming. There is much love and unity in our home. Then, the phone call came. A warning from a woman in Brazil who had a vision. "Get your children out of the house! Do not return until at least September 6. Someone will try to kill one of them if you stay home." Did I listen? Of course not. No one has that knowledge except God... Max and I sat Dana and his girl, Kristen down and warned them. It was a half warning, nothing taken seriously.
The days crept closer and Max and I left on our ill-fated tour with Sepultura and Far. You all know the outcome. As we arrived in Donington, my son was running for his life. We were excited for the show, but Dana's adrenalin was flowing from other reasons....fear.

When I returned home, I picked up the notebook I had given Dana to record the office messages. His notes leading up to his last hours were all there, recorded for all time. He had no idea he was about to become another lost son in a long line of lost sons.
Dana's notes...

...notes continued
Dana coincidentally left this blessed Earth on August 16, the same day as Sasha's murder on the other side of the planet, but another year. Will this inheritance stop now that it has been discovered? I wonder, with a bit of fear, when I look into the eyes of Jadore, also the first girl born in this present generation, if I can lay this hex to rest.....

Class dismissed...