Thursday, July 11, 2013


Max and I like to sample the customs in other countries, the cuisine, superstitions and traditions of old. These have been one of the common bonds we share and share with our tribe. Many fans have met us in tiny, dark cafes, barbecue chuck wagons, or country side truck stops, with our big brood.
Plaza De Toros Arena
Such was a visit to Madrid, Spain one year. Soulfly was on the road, family in tow. We also had our sons' nanny, Joey Nugent (who directed and produced the new Lody Kong video), Drew Enriques and old friend Fattytizer in tow. Our hotel was near the Plaza Del Toro so we planned a venture to check it out.
Max and I
When we reached the bullfighting arena, we were shocked to see the tickets were only equivalent to $2.00 each. We took tons of photos with the beautiful matador posters and statues out in the front entrance and then made our way to the ticket booth.

Our $2.00 tickets lead us to the nosebleed section...the top row of seats, facing the burning sun. Ok. We would deal with it. It was an even bigger surprise to see the gates to each portal entrance were locked and no one could leave during each bullfight! They were open briefly to use the restroom or grab a drink, but then they were quickly locked again. As we settled in with the scorching sun and dizzying heights, we noticed that there was not one other child in the arena! Whoa! We were learning more and more about this tradition.

I will admit, the matadors looked fantastic in their outfits with hats and matching clothes. The rolling of their capes to attract the bulls was a liquid, fluid motion, in sync with the sway of their bodies. The bulls never cowered or appeared frightened. They behaved as fearless, charging bulls.

The gates finally opened and we walked the distance to our hotel. The bustling streets, once overstuffed with people heading this way and that, were now deserted. Not a soul to be seen on the weaving sidewalks. It was as if World War Z had mobilized, or the "Flash" had hit while we were safely locked in the arena. It was THE SIESTA...another custom to sift through. No restaurants, no window shoppers, just peace and serenity for your busy day. A nice concept....

Class dismissed...

Class dismissed...