Thursday, July 25, 2013

Igor Amadeus is Born...1995!!

In honor of our son , Igor, the lesson this week will be dedicated to him. One quarter of Lody Kong, one seventh of our gang of kids and 100% punk rock...that's Igor. The child who never wanted to come off the road, never liked to go to school, and the one who was born 50% Max and 50% me. Yes, Igor can play drums with the precision of a click-track, play guitar and bass, write riffs all day long, and that brain is stuffed with common sense and organization! He has a massive intellect and acquired my photographic memory. But let's go back....

I found out I was pregnant when Zyon was only about 20 months old. We were in the end of the Chaos AD Tour, a long and extremely successful tour for Sepultura. I had taken Zyon along on all the tours. He was an exceptionally chill and well behaved child...naturally. No problem to take the little guy on tour; the band loved him so much and joked that he was our mascot. Two babies on the road was another story. How the heck could I tell everyone? What would happen? I didn't know how to be a distant manager, sitting in a office unconnected to my work! 
Zyon and Guilia Kisser (Andreas' Daughter)
  I decided to tell Max when we were wrapping up the world tour. We went to Brazil with the Ramones at the end of 1994, so I figured I would light the baby news bomb while we were there. Alone in the hotel room, one afternoon, I laid the news out for Max. He was totally shocked and immediately had the same reaction as I could we make our lives work with 2 babies? When the dust settled, we figured we would simply go with the flow...

We came home to Phoenix and the rest of the band went to Brazil for an extended vacation. I worked on growing my little bundle and Max planted himself at the kitchen table. Roots was born in this incubation period. Roadrunner found out Max had written a record in these months and they invited Max and me to come to Amsterdam to have a meeting. Max grabbed his 4 tracks of Roots, Straighthate and other songs and we crossed the Atlantic, bundle still in the oven.

 The label was concerned about the title Roots being perceived as a soul or R&B release but Max convinced them to trust him and his art, and in the end, they did. The ball was rolling. After the meeting, Max and I hopped a train to Salzburg and Vienna, Austria, to seek out Mozart's apartment and his musical roots. During this time, I asked Max if we could honor his brother and my Russian roots and name our son Igor. Max added his touch, Amadeus as the middle name.

Mozart's Apartment

Max and I in front of Mozart Monument
Three weeks before Igor was born, Max and me, with the kids all in tow, flew to the Netherlands to do the Nailbomb show. The band was playing 2 shows at a club in Eindhoven, Holland and at the Dynamo Festival, the day after. I had to fib a bit to the airline to get on the plane. They didn't allow pregnant women who were in their last month of pregnancy to fly. We safely made it there and back, rocked till the sun disappeared on the horizon and returned to business as usual. After all, I was setting up the Roots release, Nailbomb was popping and the Seps were about to return for rehearsals.

Super Pregnant!

Me, Igor, and Max

On July 2, 1995, after a difficult delivery, Igor Amadeus Cavalera opened his eyes to his rockstar Dad and green haired Mom! He was the largest of my children at birth, weighing nearly 9 pounds! When he was born, Dana said the 7th child was the most intelligent; he had read it somewhere. He whispered to Igor that one day he would be a doctor....Dana never got to see his prophecy come true....but from the typing I hear coming from Igor's room all hours of the day, I know Dana was right about many things he said that day...
A gift to Igor from the Deftones

Class dismissed....