Friday, February 15, 2013

How To Wrap A Bomb...

   The recording was wrapping up.  Max and Alex and Dana-ever their shadow-were finishing all the lose ends on our punk rock rip off project.  On the final day in the studio, Max phoned me and said, "some redneck, cowboy dude named Glen Campbell just arrived at the studio.  He is recording after us."  I was shocked and asked if he was sure it was Glen Campbell.  Max said yes, it was an old cowboy dude.  I laughed my butt off!  Alex and Max had never heard of him before.  The thought of the Rhinestone Cowboy walking in as Nailbomb was walking out, was hilarious.

Glen Campbell

   Next up was the thrill of loading all the gear into the U Haul Truck and dropping it off at the jam pad. It was a rush to actually have the album recorded.  What had started as a joke in our nanny's bedroom, had turned into an actual fire breathing dragon!


We thought it would be cool to do some crazy photo shoots, and decided to hit up some gun shops. Alex and Max had chosen a shocking photo for the abum cover, so we decided to run with brutality as our theme. We cruised to south Phoenix, which, at the time, was a bit rougher than it is now.  We found a cool shop and got out and did some shots.

Driving home, someone came up with the idea to spray paint 1000% HATE on our back yard fence.  The photos turned out killer.  We were only shooting black and white, and Dana and me took turns shooting. We had a riot with our Hate Vibe going strong!

We had moved into a bigger home, only a few blocks from the old one. We thought it was cool to have 1000% HATE on our fence when we had birthday parties for the kids.  We weren't really caring what the neighbors thought about it.

Roadrunner began its campaign to promote the release, in the months after the recording.  They flew a real photographer out from LA, Kevin Estrada.  He did some killer photos around Phoenix.  The most famous was taken in a club that had suffered from arson.  He had the guys wear blindfolds and get on their knees.  It was slaying.  It felt good to be a punk loser.

Class Dismissed...