Friday, February 1, 2013


Before I start Class, I will say I do not tolerate bullies in the classroom...they will be expelled!
Christina and Alex
Our Nanny Teresa
1993--We were all living in a house on Corrine Street in north Phoenix. 1992 had ended on a high note, with the Ministry tour, then Christmas and now, in early January, we were sitting around the house waiting for Zyon to finish baking. Alex Newport and Christina also lived in the house. Stufffed into the mix was Dana, Roxanne, Richie, Jason, and in a room down the hall was Teresa, our teeny nanny who couldn't speak a word of English. It was all cool though; we were just living the dream! To top it all off, Christina and Teresa were also pregnant!
Max and Alex

Max and Alex found refuge in the only spot in the house no one was in-Teresa's room. A bed, chair and picture of Jesus were the only things in her clean, little sanctuary. Soon, a stereo found it's way in a corner and next, an old recorder started thumping. The beats flowed through the house and soon, they started to make sense. 

Dana and Max
A week or so into Max and Alex's sanity sessions, I began to realize I could make a record deal out of their music. It sounded brutal and exciting and NEW!! It gave me energy as I worked. I could tell it was not just a jam; this needed to be recorded! I walked into Teresa's room and told the guys my plan. To get them excited, I said it would be ouir punk rock rip-off. It would be made in the nanny's room, spend a couple days in a studio tidying up and presto! Sell a shitload! Dana would be hired to video everything and one day when the video would come out, he would be paid $1000 for his masterpiece. The guys all looked at me wide-eyed, like I was joking, but realized I was serious. All our smiles got bigger at the same time! The music could be as shocking, and against every protocol of music there was or is. The band name had to be brutal, savage, an explosion of your senses. We didn't know it then but they were about to make a record that would stand the test of time.
This was the birth of Nailbomb!!

The noises and beats started coming together. The sound infected each room, hour after hour. Sometimes we would all collapse in the living room on the couch, with the same beat pulsing in the house for 8 hours or more. Even Max would take a nap, wake up, and Alex would still be at it. Head tilted, ears with tunnel vision. He is a frikken genius! It was a mad combination, Max and Alex.

Max and Myself

Monte got his hands on a demo from us and there it was...the deal was in the bag. We got a small advance and got a real sampler for Alex to dive into. One day they would be pounding on the washing machine and recording or driving down the street screeching the brakes while recording. It was seriously one of the most fun records I ever took part in making!

Dana had the job that put him in the line of fire. It wasn't easy being underfoot in the Hate Project of the Century. A couple times he threw the towel in, but I cheerlead him back into the ring!
Richie, Dana, and Max

As our Nailbomb began to take shape, we welcomed a new member of our tribe...Zyon. His eyes and ears would be full of the heaviest music on the planet from Day One!
Max, Myself, and baby Zyon

Zyon w/Max

Class dismissed....