Friday, February 22, 2013

1995---Nailbomb Blast in Europe

  • Fresh off the heels of the Sepultura Chaos AD release, I got an offer for Nailbomb to play at the Dynamo Festival, in Holland. We didn't have time for a full tour because Sepultura and Fudge Tunnel were touring heavily and promoting their new releases. Chaos AD was turning some serious corners and Sepultura was growing quickly. Fudge Tunnel's Grey was opening the path for Fudge Tunnel. We were all romping the world in different directions.

    Fudge Tunnel
    I accepted the Dynamo offer, and Max and Alex began to concentrate on the members they would need to play the record live. Of course, Iggor would play the tracks he recorded. We also asked Peligro, from the Dead Kennedys, to slam a few tunes. The tracks that were recorded with drum machine required a special type of drummer. We chose Barry Schneider from the band Tribe After Tribe. He had come strongly reccommended as being able to play like a click track. Dave Edwardson of Neurosis was added on bass and Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly was on the keyboard. We all got together at the Phoenix jampad and in no time, Nailbomb breathed fire!!

    There was only one problem for me. When it was time to fly, I was only 3 weeks away from giving birth, and the airline wouldn't allow anyone on the plane in the last month of pregnancy. Yes, I was ready to explode, with my little Igor snuggled up inside, determined to go to the Dynamo! With a little fibbing, I made it to Holland with my Nailbombers.

    We were so excited, our emotions were scurrying all over the place. We had to get into our HATE MODE! We were having so much fun though! We had brought all the kids with us. No one was missing this gig!
    The night before the festival, Nailbomb did a surprise gig in a tiny club in Eindhoven. It was dark and tiny. The Nailbomb Day of Hate mood filled the club like creeping fog, infecting each corner. Actually, the club was so small that even with it sold out, more people were outside than allowed inside; each straining to hear a note from the stage.
    When the band started, Christina and I were so proud of our baby. Our little joke was soaring to the sky with no limit! I looked in the crowd and saw Dana videoing, jamming, moshing. His eyes were filled with fever; there were no words for the experience we all shared that night. When Alex hunched over and belted out Sum of Your Achievements, I could barely breathe!

    The next day, the big show. It was one of the biggest audiences ever for a Dynamo Festival! There were over 120,000 people slamming in the pit that day.
  • The Dynamo Festival was Richie's first live performance, as he shredded his famous feedback at the beginning of Cockroaches. He was 9 years old.

    The flight home was brutal for me, until a sympathetic stewardess slipped me into a first class seat.
    3 weeks later, Igor made his debut! After his birth, we went to a hotel in Scottsdale to lay low. Max took the band photo for the Nailbomb Live release in the hotel room. He played Korn's first line of Blind over and over, and Richie, Jason and Zyon raged to it. Just the one line a zillion times...there was so much energy! Alex and Max decided to use one of the poloroides as the band photo. They were all just keeping it real...

    Class dismissed....