Friday, September 13, 2019

GROWING UP GREEN!! Wake up!! Wake up! It’s a Full Terror Assault!

We inched our bus into the Shawnee National Forest, destination Full Terror Assault at the famous Cave in Rock! Once the first home base of the Juggalos’ festivals, transformed now into a full on Metal campground!

This is a relatively new festival, a camping festival styled like the European giants, with liberties galore, since it is located on private land. Golf carts, coolers, camping, kickass food trucks and a merch selection to drool over! It’s all there without the rigid rules of most US festivals. Relaxing yet full of excitement!

There was even a man selling homemade moonshine!!!

Bands all day, on two stages, which were both easily accessible! No security problems either! I can see this growing each year, as the vibe is cool, everyone working was nice and at the same time, professional. You could even take coolers in!!! Let’s keep an eye on this one! It’s surely going to be a force in the next couple years! Soulfly, MOD, Vio-lence, Crisix, Unearth, and many others rocked the woods! Four days of Metal flying through the trees, and skimming across the swimmers in the river! Let’s DO this again! Special thanks to Shane for organizing the mayhem!!

Class dismissed...