Friday, November 2, 2018


When I asked Max and Iggor about doing a mixed set of Beneath the Remains and Arise, there was no hesitation in their reply! Of course they would do it! Soulfly had a new release out but there were a couple open months before the Ritual tour so I thought I would fill them. The Tribe loved the Return to Roots tour so much, so why not treat them again! I decide on territories that would not interfere with the Ritual legs, and Russia and South America were asking for a Metal fix. How could I deny them?

Russia was the test and it scored straight A's! Next stop, Brazil, birthplace of the brothers and their masterpieces!! Overcoming many joys and many hardships has made everyone stronger...Stronger Than Hate!! The fans obviously feel the same! Respect circles... When the tour promoter asked about the bus logo wrap, I had a thought...would it be too pompous? But my mind travelled to the Point Blank Nailbomb tour we just did and all the fans who never saw a recorded band in their life. Playing those small venues..some held only 100 people and were in super tiny towns....reminded me of my youth in South Dakota and how I dreamt of seeing real bands. I knew the answer. Do it for the fans in the little villages who would see the brothers drive through and remember it forever!

First stop was Fortaleza, in the north and right on the beach. What a peaceful, serene city! Our hotel was on the beach (a rarity) and we had a day off to repair from the 28 hour flights. Max, Richie and myself walked on the boardwalk and soaked it all in. One night as we were going back to the hotel, one of the street vendors showed Max his cooler top with the CC logo on it! Damn he was so excited!!

Recife was next up on the list. Home of the famous Abril Pro Rock Festival. Soulfly played it many years ago. I didn't know but they say Recife is the most dangerous city in Brazil. It was election day so the streets were empty and the city was quiet. I swear Brazil has more skyscrapers than any country in the world!! They stretch out as far as you can see!!

Next stop was the Sao Paulo airport where we met Vania, Max's mom, also known as my Mother-in -law, our children's Gramma and our children's children's Great Gramma! The Circle of Life never stops! Our bus was there to greet us and we took off to Belo Horizonte, the birthplace of two young boy's dreams.

Sometimes Belo can be so passionate about the Cavalera's that your head swims! When I met Max he said he was from a small farm town but when I travelled there, it was a huge city!! LOL!! We went to visit the family, like we always do when we go to Belo. It's so warm and loving and you can feel how happy everyone is to be together! It's the perfect cool down from the whirlwind show we all know is on the horizon!

You can see the favelas on the mountain. They exist everywhere and millions of people call them homes...but that is another blog! Of course the shows are packed, sweaty and pure madness, in a good way! Jairo was there to join in on Troops of Doom and the dressing room was full of laughter and old friends! We got on the bus and the next stop is week's class! You can always youtube the band photos but you can't always taste the behind the scenes. Soak it in my loyal Students! It's all for you!

Class dismissed...