Friday, November 30, 2018


Leaving Argentina by tour bus, we entered Uruguay smoothly and headed to Montevideo. Argentina had been wild and scenic, robust and flavorful to our eyes!! The crowds were so polite and gentle until they get on the other side of the barricade and then the wildness breaks out!

Uruguay was a merger of the black dirt, and the lush green fields of Argentina. Small villages with pieces of local art scattered. Little neighborhoods with a mixture of wealth, shown by the homes. I loved the graffiti and murals proudly brushed on the village walls!

Montevideo is on the Atlantic Ocean. The city is built kissing the coast. As we meandered on the spaghetti highway leading into the city, I was surprised to see 2 ancient rusty boats in the water off the shore. They did look cool though, but I wasn't sure the environment approved.

Across the street from our hotel was an ocean walkway. Fishermen patiently waiting for their dinner to bite, waves sloshing and an old cannon, which no doubt had seen many years of change! Statues, and local restaurants treated us! The show was packed and the fans very much satisfied on their way home after the last bow!

We kissed our bus goodbye and boarded a plane to Chile. We knew we were in for a sonic boom crowd! Those mighty, passionate Chileans would be waiting with their boots on! Arriving safely, we cruised through the string of usual traffic to the heart of the city. The view from the hotel was breathtaking! The mighty Andes standing guard around Santiago. I hoped we could visit without the customary earthquake, and I got my wish!

The crowd destroyed the f#@%ing place, like expected! Even the barricade broke, since Iggor and Max were their wild selfs, serving up the masses with hurricane force, as they knew they would! We all quickly slid out to the safety of fresh air! Next stop, Lima, Peru! Buckle your seatbelts!!

Class dismissed.....