Friday, October 5, 2018

WELCOME TO KRASNODAR! Explore Russia Part 3!

As our Return to Beneath Arise continues, we flew from Siberia to Krasnodar, in the southern region, with a transit through Moscow. The weather was warmer as we disembarked our Aeroflot airliner. This is the region of my grandfather, Jakov Krawtzowa. It’s not his real surname but that’s another, much longer story. The Kuban region was at my feet, the region of the Cossacks!

We checked into our hotel and then were whisked away to a popping restaurant/nightclub. We were treated to a typical regional meal of grilled meat. The local diet is rich in fresh herbs and vegetables, accompanied by delicious cuts of meat, grilled in the old world style. The air was filled with blasting ‘80’s to the present day hits and girls in little black dresses swaying!

The next day Max and I joined a friend and visited a Cossack Museum. It was filled with Cossack clothing, entire rooms of Cossack homes, with original items from the turn of the century, weaponry, banners and also primitive animals and ancient artifacts discovered in the region.

We were also amazed at the mannequin of Catherine the Great with her original clothing and two small Tiffany containers full of dirt from her birthplace.

There was a tall exhibit made of metal and covered in cloth called Spirit of Time. It was addictingly mystical and embedded in Russian folklore.

Max enjoyed the Hall of World Cup, from the first one in 1930 to the previous Russian hosted 2018 event. And at know what we did!!

Class dismissed.....