Friday, October 19, 2018


The Show in Voronezh was powerful, like all the rest. We had never played there before so it was quite exciting for the fans. They were loving the merch too, as it was the first time they could actually buy official merch! It was a rainy day and a quick one. The band played and then headed to the train station to grasp the train to Moscow!

This train was a bit older, and not quite as sterile as the previous one. I love gazing out the window and watching the little villages swoop by. It was dark when we boarded, so we went to sleep but I woke up early. The little table and a nice hot cup of Turkish coffee seemed like a good way to start the day!

The fans were there to welcome us at the train station. They always know what time we arrive and if its at the airport or train station. They must have some hella network that gives them the info!! We can never figure out how they know! We stayed at the Holiday Inn which was near the venue. Most likely we wont stay there again..they let the fans in the lobby and its impossible for anyone to get a coffee, much less a meal! After they sit and drink all night long, some get a bit too hard to handle! All in good fun though!

The gig was absolutely kickass!! Packed and frantic, just like we hoped for! The Glavclub venue has a really nice stage, crowd area and backstage. We always have a bit of a party at the Moscow gig! Food such as smoked fish, fresh veggies, dark bread and cold cuts of meat are always waiting alongside a bottle of the finest Russian vodka. We don't really drink but I alway order one in Moscow for our guests. Speaking of guests, our beloved Metal Russian spiritual guide, Father Nikon was there with the angelic voiced, kickass photographer and friend Sergei. Also our friends Paul and Ludmilla were able to attend. These 3 are officiados of Metal!! Zhana, our longtime dearest friend and many other regulars join in with our bash!

This special night I received true a treasure...a gift of such personal awe and desire that I was speechless!! My friend walked in with a handpainted matryoshka of Max, me and inside, my 7 children were nesting!!! Stupendous! What an amazing artist he is! He had told me he was presenting it to me, but I couldn't imagine how I could contain my joy if he really appeared with it!! These dolls represent the very air I breathe and the blood that runs through my veins! These birch people are my very Life!

Happy and well worn, we made our way back to the hotel for a couple hours nap and the the final train...the bullet train to St Petersburg was awaiting!

Class dismissed......