Friday, July 7, 2017


As Carlinhos Brown added percussion to Roots, and Max took his idea full circle, to record with the Tribe, it was a natural evolution to add the Brazilian  spirit to Soulfly.  On the first release, Max invited the guys from Macau Zumba to spice it up.  On Primitive, Soulfly 3 and Prophecy, Max invited his friend, Mei Noite, to bring on the tribal jams.

Mei Noite had known Max from living in Brazil.  He was playing with Sergio Mendez at the time of the Primitive recording and we were lucky to grab him during a break.

He is known as one of the top percussionists in the world, as well as being a super cool dude!  Even Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin tapped his talent! Listen closely to the Soulfly records he appears on, and you will find his flavor throughout!  When he arrived in Phoenix , he came with a rider truck full of instruments!!

Max laughed his ass off when Mei Noite arrived in the studio during the Primitive recording.  Max played him a track and Mei Noite said " oh, so you want some James Brown Funk Beat!"  Whoa!  During Soulfly 3 recording, the producer, Otto D'Agnolo, lost his mind when Mei Noite captured the percussive sounds of water.  The mics!  The mics!

He has a very successful percussion school in Brazil and I am certain he still elopes around the world, with artists we only hear about!  Mei Noite, bringing the earthen sounds to metal...Bring Da Shit!!!!

Class dismissed....