Friday, July 28, 2017


In the early '90's, I was traveling with Sepultura in support of the Arise record...or Beneath the was one of them for certain!! So much has happened since my first tour, sometimes it's hard to recall exactly which tour was which! Those early days were quite different than these days! We were a happy bunch of fun loving criminals, and raged hard!

One warm night in Texas, after a show, we all headed to our hotel. We were starting to stay in nicer hotels and Red Roof Inns were becoming memories. I went in my room only to soon hear a knock on the door. The word was out and we were all heading to bash at the outdoor pool. It was late and no one was there. Surely we could chill in peace and enjoy the time off!

After a short time, security showed their faces and ruined our plans. Since my room was near the pool area, everyone decided to go there and transport the fun. I admit I was leery of this move. Parties in hotel rooms always ended up with someone getting kicked out of the hotel. Sure enough, shizzle quickly got out of hand. Max found out that his friends from the UK, GBH, were in the same hotel, so naturally he invited them in. In one rapid hand movement, Jock, Ross and Max played a quick game of tic tac toe on the wall! It wasn't any ordinary game; it was a 4 foot tall game! A minute goes by and there were tic tac toes all over the wall. I couldn't say much. The damage was done. I went out to the pool and slept on a chair...overload? I think, yes!

The security dude gave me the Get Outa Here Nudge in the morning and luckily, I had my room key. The room was a wreck! In those days you didn't need a credit card and I could have easily slid out and escaped. Guilt overcame me and I went to the lobby and fessed up. Blah, blah, blah, have mercy on me! After a short time, the manager charged me $222 to wallpaper one wall of a room. Not bad, actually! I anticipated worse. It would cost me an arm and a leg today, and maybe a chat with an officer or two! The moral of the story....Punks are Punks!

Class dismissed......