Friday, February 17, 2017


In 1983, when my brother, Paul, and I owned the Bootleggers Club, I dabbled in band management. What I really was focused on though, was the production of the shows. I had never known one drop of production, promotion, gear, anything to do with the music biz! The first music dude who contacted me was Bill Metoyer, the Vice President of Metal Blade Records. Damn was I excited!! He called to book Lizzy Borden.

When the city illegally took our club, I plunged into silence. Damn, we had lost everything we had, in one night! We couldn't afford a costly court case, so we just walked away. I guess it was a blessing that I didn't recognize at the time. A few months later, I was talking to Jason Rainey, of Sacred Reich, and he was telling me they had gotten an offer to record, from Metal Blade. I asked if he wanted me to manage them and he said yes!! When I hung up the phone, I looked at Christina and Dana and said "what does a manager do?" Being a woman in the music business, you can't count on much help or favors. I dove in and here I still am.... The Sacred adventure was about to begin!

Bill was also a record producer and worked with most of the Metal Blade bands. He was the coolest to work with and we called him Bill "Valium" Metoyer! When the time came to record, he arranged the transportation, per diems, gear, and even found us an apartment to stay in!! He was professional from Day 1!! I even had my own room! We were going to stay in California for a whole month!!

Step by step, we went through the recording process. Everything was new, fresh, exciting! We laughed, partied and recorded. I admit the guys got wild at times, and once even rumbled in my room, breaking the night stand. It was Metal, I guess.

Ignorance turned into a classic and Sacred is now viewed as one of the early Metal pioneers! I was very blessed to work with them and go to the Metal University of the 1980's!! It was so fresh! I didn't know the long road I would travel. 33 years in Metal...