Friday, February 10, 2017


2001 was a strange year, politically. Max became an American and received the famed, blue, US passport one week before 9-11. We were like "ouch," but also overjoyed that he had achieved such a step in his life. He always says he is like Jason Bourne!

The horrible sight on TV of the Twin Towers falling and the haunting voice mail on my private number coupled together and literally took our breath away. Max was just starting to write the Soulfly 3 record and this dark time would affect his lyrics. He mastered songs like Seek and Strike for the troops and Defeat U, with Danny Marianino of Northside Kings, slaughtered the likes of Al Qaeda.

When it came time to make the video, the chosen track was Seek and Strike. We decided to make it on our property in Unincorporated Phoenix. The property is in the center of an extinct volcano, with bobcats, a clever mountain lion, coyotes and plenty of rattlesnakes. Nestled in a mountainous area, it made privacy complete. The only was about 120 degrees the day of the daytime shoot!

We gathered our friends, the gear, and plenty of face paint! Christina painted Soulfly symbols on the faces of the extras (our close friends and our kids), as Max, and Co. tore through the silence of the valley, with their sweat drenched performance. As I recall, Leo caught a rattler who seemed to want his face painted too, but the brushes just weren't small enough!

After the performance was filmed several times, our herd of Tribesters tramped through the creek bed and the cactus patches, trying to avoid the jumping cactus. We all ended up on a large piece of bedrock, with a water truck spraying water wildly at everyone. There was a lot of laughing our asses off and sweating rock salt. I won't mention when we found the ice cold watermelon chunks saved only for the video crew...... 😊

Class dismissed......