Friday, November 11, 2016


We have been to Greece many times. I took Sacred Reich there first, then Sepultura and Soulfly. During the Greek recession and time of difficulty, we were not able to get a show there, other than in Crete. Don't get me wrong, as we loved Crete and its exquisite cuisine and ancient ruins, but we were denied our Greek Tribe, and that hurts!!

The first time I took Sepultura, Max and I were still sneaking around, keeping our affair and growing love as secret as possible! That was in the days of his extreme alcohol saturation and as you know, Greece is famous for its Ouzo! The promoter, Nana, took us to a super cool restaurant after the show, and of course, Max arrived blasted. I had barely cut into my wrapped grape leaves when he announced we had to get some fresh air! I spent the next 30 minutes wandering the streets of Athens, wishing I had a lasso! I finally found our way back to the restaurant and sat back down, when he erupted and barfed squarely in the middle of the restaurant, spraying the floor and everyone around him! I was super pissed but the promoter had sympathy for him...which didn't compute, to me!! Lol

We returned years later, with our family in tow, even our precious cherub, Moses, was with us! The city was preparing for the Olympics and there was action all around us! We hired a cab driver, who just happened to have mad respect for Americans! He gave us the super secret tour and eventually deposited us at a restaurant, owned by his friends. We were treated to trays of live fish to chose our meals from and warm espressos after.

Next week, I return to Athens, bringing my Return to Roots tour to the Metalhead Greeks. We are all excited as heck! I will be looking for the Tribe in the crowd, so don't be afraid to give us a shout out!! And... keep the Ouzo in the cabinet!! LOL

Class dismissed....