Friday, November 18, 2016


Max and I have visited Istanbul many times. The first time we got off the plane there, we didn't know anyone and we explored the city peacefully. Max made several recordings of street sounds and these are found on Dark Ages' Fall of the Sycophant. We checked out the Great Bazaar, the Hagia Sofia, and the Blue Mosque.

The Hagia Sofia was my favorite, having once been the center of the Orthodox religion. After the city was overthrown, ages ago, it was remodeled into a mosque. Max recorded workers clanking their hammers and this is found on Touching the Void, also on Dark Ages. The hammer's echoes bounced around the giant dome and made a vey interesting effect. We also loved the ancient mural showing Mother Mary and St. John the Baptist pleading with Jesus to stop the coming Armageddon. Jesus didn't look very happy.

The Blue Mosque was very impressive and we found the interior to be fascinating, with it's tiled walls. We had to remove our shoes as we entered. On the way out, when i made a "donation," I was told I had 10 tickets to Heaven!

The city is very interesting, situated on both continents of Europe and Asia. Lots of fine shopping, landmarks, museums and delicious food, can be found in all the nooks and crannies of the city! It is a metropolis with a long history, some of it quite bloody!

Since that first trip, I have brought Metal music to Turkey, in various theaters, outdoor festivals and even a club or two! One memorable show was a four hour drive to the middle of nowhere, and there were still fans!!

Let's not forget the fashionable Max Cavalera Store and it's elegant haute couture clothing!! We were quite surprised to learn of its existence! Once, we visited it and really enjoyed meeting the owner! You can check it out on Instagram!!

This week, we will once again walk on exotic soil, as we bring the Return to Roots show to the fans!! For that hour and fifteen minutes set, the Tribe will be as one. All the same emotions come together, moshpit action, singing along and head banging. It's the universal language in our life!!

Class dismissed.....